Achieve your business goals.

Move towards the realization of business goals that you have not reached so far. Consulting techniques that will help you enrich your entrepreneurial spirit with management knowledge. Set up your management structures in an effective way or optimize the organization to attract potential investors.

What we do?

OGM offers a unique "know-how" concept in various strategic projects to further improve a successful private business.

Guiding entrepreneurs through new business projects

Are you owner of successful business? Has your company developed to a certain level and resources are not in shortage? You have energy, will, you have the vision, but you are still not sure how to proceed?

Setting a newly established management structure

You promoted an employee and placed him in a management position? Is he having a tough time settling into the new role? To be successful in the new position, he need new skills and knowledge.

Structuring a startup company to provide new financing

Every startup company goes through several stages in its life cycle. Are you having organizational problems within your startup company? Do you want to build it up to be ready for a new investment venture?

Do you need advice?

Do you have questions for us? Not sure how exactly we can help you? Want to schedule an appointment?

Our story

OGM is a consulting company that provides an indispensable resource for companies that want to adapt and change. Our projects bring clients a certain set of skills and experiences through which significant expertise and training in further business are being integrated.

People who work for OGM are experienced, motivated, and independent professionals who can encourage and resolve our clients' problems within a very short timeframe. Our focus is always and exclusively essentialism and goal achievement.

The founder and the owner of the OMG company is Aleksandra Vuksanovic - Kurtovic. Aleksandra spent her twenty-year working career in management. During that time, she gathered great experience. Her knowledge is based on a unique know-how concept that will enable the market and companies who want to develop their business, further growth, and profitability.