Setting a newly established management structure

Did you promote your employee to a manager's position? He's having a hard time in a new role? Does he need new skills and knowledge to be successful in the new position?

Your company is relatively young and the entire management structure was created by individuals from the "core" business. It is very likely that most of that group of people never had the ambition to engage in management. In fact, as the business progressed, these people were introduced to management as a discipline without previous education. The team increased, the tasks became more complexed and the problem with managing teams and structures within the company became too complicated for them.

OGM can also help newly appointed managers, ie. juniors in management. Teams within your company have grown and team leaders need to be appointed. The most common situation is that you will assign this role to someone who is your best salesman, doctor, storekeeper, accountant, etc... Basically, it is always someone who is in the company from its beginning, who is loyal and the most trustworthy person. And that's a good decision, but… Being a great salesman or a doctor or a storekeeper, etc... and being loyal is no guarantee that he will be a good manager.

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A good operative doesn't have to be a good manager, why?

Well because he knows nothing about management! That way you have lost a great operative and got a bad manager. Your business is in trouble. From the moment your company promotes an individual into a manager, that person is mostly left to himself, so how does he manage. Very often, their superiors do not know exactly how and what they should be teaching them.

When you promote an individual and place him in a management position, he needs new skills and knowledge every day for the first few months. OGM offers consulting services, ie. working with new managers in their positioning.  

Newly appointed managers can learn

  • How to communicate with superiors
  • How to communicate with subordinates
  • How to communicate with colleagues from the same level
  • Which operation to keep
  • What and how to delegate
  • How to take over a team
  • How to put yourself in front of a team
  • How to build authority
  • Introduction to strategic decision making
  • How to achieve and how to present results

This way you will get a good manager who will create a team of great individuals to manage. Your business can continue to grow.

Do you need to set up a newly established management structure?