Structuring startup companies

Do you want to set up your company to be ready for a new investment round? You have mastered the product development strategy so what happens with a sales strategy?

Every startup company goes through the same stage of development. Each of these stages characterizes the specific way of how the company works.

Every startup company goes through the same stage of development. Each of these stages characterizes the specific way of how the company works.
 – Defining an idea
 – Validation of the idea
 – Entering the mass market
 – Scaling
Regardless of the stage, your company is at, with our management tools we can help you transition to the next one.

The goal of the early stages of a startup is to maximize effective learning about users, the market, and how to solve the problem. The goal of the later stages is to stay or become profitable, as well as focus on targeting your market segment while optimizing growth costs. Time and money are important resources - the goal is to move fast – where people with experience can help you. Otherwise, you lose one of these two resources: it will shut down your startup: you will run out of money for further actions or you will enter the market too late. Your success as a company founder will depend on:

  • Does someone need your product and how fast can you confirm that idea and make a product or offer service before others
  • Can you convince investors to give you enough money so that you can have a successful product launch with your burn rate
  • Can you withstand every development stage that comes without getting caught up in operations and a narrow bottleneck that will prevent you from moving on to the next level

It seems that you are walking along the path that no one has walked before, but we assure you that it is not so. The development path of a startup company and its innovation process of how to create a product and place it on the mass market is a mutual path for each Startup community member. You should also learn from other people's experiences.

Preparing for a new round of investment

For an investor to want to invest in you with a good valuation, he must believe that you can go through each scaling stage over time. The more willing you are to answer investor questions and think and plan steps in advance, the chance you get a good valuation when investing is higher. We can help you set the right business metrics and optimize your business.

A new investor should get a creative but organized company.

At that moment when the startup needs to jump for a new round of investments, OGM offers a solution: professional management team service. This team will organize the system and hand it over to the investor like a wrapped ribbon box. This package will be attractive to the investor because it represents a business idea that will return the invested money. It will also be attractive because they will get a well-structured organization. The solution provided by OGM offers balanced creativity. And creativity is in the DNA of every startup company. There is also a level of organization that helps development and does not hinder it in any way.

Use our experience to pivot or scale your business.

Are you ready to develop your sales strategy?

According to their business philosophy, startups are innovative manufacturing companies. They generally do not have a developed sales strategy in their business code. Changing the focus on the sales force is a great challenge for a team and its competencies oriented to production. An adequate sales strategy will take you to the new customers. Your product will be marketed, which is the main idea.
Which development stage your company occupies right now? Are you still focused on the innovative technology of your product or have you already turned to customers and looking for a way to reach the mass market?

Depending on which group of companies you belong to, OGM has a model that will help you develop sales capacity:

  • If you are in the initial phase and you are occupied with the technological solution: the founder(s) have the role of the seller. It is necessary to define the use-value of the product, the target market. Also, it is valuable for founders to get feedback from the market because that is the only way they will improve their product. Adequate sales education is necessary if you want to make sales in a professional way. And of course to get to the next stage and enter the mass market.
  • If you are in the mature phase, your activities are focused on gaining a market: We are already talking about serious sales of your product. Salesforce can be formed within your company or outsourced. Together with you and according to your plans, we will determine the optimal solution for your startup. This is followed by the implementation of the solution and finally the expansion of sales.

Invite us to create together the best sales strategy for your service or product.