About OGM

Our story

OGM is a consulting company that provides an indispensable resource for companies that want to adapt and transform. We do projects that bring to our clients the realization of a specific business project, in which during the implementation client acquires certain knowledge and experience. People who work for OGM are experienced, motivated, and independent professionals who can encourage and resolve our clients' problems within a very short timeframe. Our focus is always and exclusively essentialism and goal achievement.

The founder and the owner of the OMG company is Aleksandra Vuksanovic - Kurtovic. Aleksandra spent her twenty-year working career in IT industry management.

Thanks to her ambition, she was a leader and mentor to generations of younger colleagues who grew up professionally in the teams she led. During that time, she gathered a great deal of experience. She has acquired knowledge that can be offered to the market as a unique "know-how" concept for companies that want to develop their business.

Aleksandra is continuously improving her personal and professional development. Fields of her expertise are company organization, team organization, business strategy setting, team member development, and partner network development.

How can we help you?

We are highly experienced in various strategic projects in terms of developing a successful private business. We know how to educate juniors in management positions and help you with their promotions. We will organize your Startup company to be ready for the next investment round.

You are the owner of a company that has developed to a certain level and you don˙t lack resources?

Your company is successful. However, there has been a stagnation in growth because you have reached a point of entering the unknown. You need personal improvement, but you need specific knowledge, you need training in the relatively near future, you need the essence of progress. We can be your personal advisor, who comes from a bigger company and who will teach you "tips and tricks" of corporate business.

Did you promote your employee to a manager˙s position? He˙s having a hard time in a new role?

From the moment your company promotes an individual into a management position that person is mostly left to himself. Rarely does the person manage to cope with the new position. Very often, neither do superiors know exactly how and what they should train them. When you promote an individual and place him into a management position, for the first few months, he needs on a daily basis new skills and knowledge. We know how to train and prepare juniors for management positions.

You have come to that point where you need to brush up your Startup for a new investment round. We will help you to arrange your organization in a way that is attractive to investors.

At the begining your Startup disposed enough resources to meet the needs of the project and the needs of the team. As time passes the need for new resources grows. You would like to attract new investors. If you want your Startup company to be favourable investment, it must be systematized. No investor wants to fund his money and time in disorganized company.

Do you need advice?

Do you have questions for us? Not sure how exactly we can help you? Want to schedule an appointment? We are here to answer any of your questions.