Guiding entrepreneurs through new business projects

Are you a successful business owner? Your company has developed to a certain level and you don˙t lack resources? You have the energy, the will, you have the vision, but you are still not sure how to proceed?

You are the CEO and the owner as well. Your company is successful. However, there has been a stagnation in growth because you have reached a point of entering the unknown. Until yesterday, you had the answer to every question you encountered during your development path. The business has grown and today there are many more questions than real answers. On your path to success, you have exhausted your knowledge of running a business. You have the energy, the will, you have the vision, but you are still not sure how to proceed.

Your company has resources such as money, staff, references. Either internal organizational and personnel problems or new unknowns from the market blocked further growth. You are aware of your need for personal advancement, you need specific areas of knowledge, you need training in a relatively short time, you need the essence of progress.

This means that you are ready to adapt the company to achieve a specific objective.

This means that you are ready to reach a higher level. Making strategic decisions is for mature professionals. Running a business implies responsibility for people, capital, a network of business associates. The opportunity to have your own personal advisor, who has experience in larger business and from whom you can learn the "tips and tricks" of corporate business is a great opportunity.

How does it actually look like?

Our joint cooperation is based on the realization of a specific project. Together we define a clear business objectives and the focus of the project becomes the achievement of a defined goal. We go through the whole process together and share our knowledge with you as a business owner. You now have the opportunity to learn high-level management skills related to specific topics. As our cooperation progresses towards the goal, we work together on fine-tuning all the necessary infrastructural measures that enable our goal to be achieved.

Changes in your company will not be made just because management theory says it should. We will make only those changes that we have determined together are necessary for the progress of the business and the realization of your strategic plans. In this way, every investment in the company's resources is rationally measurable.

Key elements of a successful project

  • It is very important that together with OGM, the business owner defines the exact needs of the company and translates them into a very clear and detailed goal or set of goals. Due to many years of experience, OGM can achieve these goals within a very short timeframe.
  • Maintaining communication with the business owner throughout the project is crucial. It is not only a way of informing the business owner about the progress made, but it also allows a regular review of goals and eventual adjustment as needed.
  • Once the OGM gained the trust of the organization, possible questions not related to the key objectives may arise. That way becomes easy to be distracted by solving the additional problems. OGM will find the right balance between inconsiderable tasks, questions, and focus goal achievement.
  • Although our task is only temporary and lasts as long as the project lasts, we must make sure that the changes we have implemented continue after the end of the project. While running the project, it is important to involve key players and to maintain that the company continues on the same path when our project is completed.
  • Our participation in your company's business is temporary and limited with the duration of the project. A contract extension is only useful if circumstances have changed and if additional projects or objectives are available.

Are you interested in consulting for guiding through new business projects?